Alisa Connan // Suqqu // The Sunday Times

Suqqu Beauty website / The Sunday Times article

Photographer: Alisa Connan

Lighting Assistant: Jomile Kazlauskaite

Digital Operative: Moi

Make-up Artist: Morag Ross

Hair: Darren Fowler

Creative Director: Sachini Imbuldeniya

Models: Georgie Hobday & Deni Moodie

Odda x Lacoste // Elliot James Kennedy

Role: On-set Producer

Production Company:DMB Representation

Publication: Odda Magazine

Featuring: Lacoste’s Clothing.

Elliot Kennedy DMB Represents Ethan J Hart ODDA Magazine

Headie One // The Guardian g2 Film & Music mag // Suki Dhanda

G2 article Suki Dhanda Sope Soetan

Role: Lighting and Digital Operative

Photographer: Suki Dhanda

Author: Sope Soetan

G2 article Suki Dhanda Sope Soetan

Suki Dhanda // Lianne Le Havas // The New Review

Author: Miranda Sawyer

Photographer: Suki Dhanda

Articles: Lianna Le Havas Review Lianne La Havas: ‘It’s hard to fit in when you have two heritages’

Suki Dhanda // Michelle Visage // The Guardian G2

Article Suki Dhanda Emine Saner

Michelle Visage: ‘Drag is my superhero costume.’ Photographed at Leonardo Royal London City. Photograph: Suki Dhanda/The Guardian

Photographer: Suki Dhanda

Role: Lighting & Digital Operative