Suqqu Beauty Shot by Alisa Connan

It was such a pleasure working with Alisa Connan for Suqqu beauty. Acting as the Digital Operator it’s my job to ensure several things:

1. Communicate and understand the brief. Talk with the art director and the photographer ensuring they are achieving what they set out to do as a team.

2. The images are technically sound as they come through. Act as the photographer’s second eyes and flag any adjustments that need to be made to the photographer. My job is to find out what is going on, why and attempt to fix the issue as quickly as possible.

3. Ensure the handover of the files to both the photographer and or the client is to brief and if there isn’t a brief then as clear as possible.

4. Be a good team player, support one another and respect everyone’s different roles, ask for help and give help in return. You only have a certain amount of time to get the job done and you only have these specially picked people to get it done. It’s important to create a positive culture.

Alisa specifically stood out as a joy to assist because her experience has produced a highly professional and inspirational professional. Working with her was so smooth, any issue that arrived was quickly solved. As a person who has only been in the industry for 2 years, it was truly an inspiration to see her talk and reflect with the Suqqu team over the shots and guiding her assistants (including myself) on how to get there. She allowed us to make mistakes, gave us feedback and allowed us to work it out ourselves. As a mother of a two-year-old she seemed to let the stress glide straight off her back, seeing the humour and best in everyone.

When shooting she was entirely in her element, focussed with direction and her Canon MkIII. I can’t thank her enough for offering me the experience and if I get to assist her again I will be looking forward to gaining even more insight into troubleshooting and understanding feedback from different sources.

Observer Review – 2020 Rising Stars Comedy sketch duo Celeste Dring and Freya Parker, AKA Lazy Susan

Photographed by Suki Dhanda

Photographer: Suki Dhanda

Assistant: Holly Taylor

Shot at the Guardian Studios in Kings Cross, London

British Hair Awards – Shot by Jenny Hands

Photographs by Jenny Hands

Assistants Holly Taylor and James Whitty

Hair: Sally Brooks at Brooks & Brooks, London

Makeup: Lan Nguyen-Grealis

Styling: Ann Shore

One of my first shoots Assistting and it was for one of the most high profile photogrpahers I have worked with yet. Photographer and Director Jenny Hands is inspired by the magic she sees in everyone. Capturing the beauty from all sides of life from joy to sadness and all emotions in between. This universal language of soul and connection is her aesthetic.

Coming striaght of Studio Assistting at Loft Studios I was given the chance to assist alongside friend and colleague James Whitty. It was from this shoot I went on to learn so much about proper form and etiquette on set. A skill that is invalueable in any role.

Happy Endings Ice Cream Shot by Katie Wilson

Photograph by Katie Wilson

Assistant Holly Taylor

Art DIrection: Katie Wilson

One of my favourite shoots to date with a vintage ring flash.

Soru Jewellery Shot By Michelle Beatty

  • Photographer: Michelle Beatty
  • Assistants: Ben Whitley & Holly Taylor
  • Film: Jack Stanton
  • Stylist: Tona Stell
  • Hair & Makeup Artist: Jessica Kell

Damson Idris, The Gentlemans Journal Shot by Simon Lipman

  • Photograph by Simon Lipman
  • Digital Operator & Assistant Holly Taylor
  • Director of Photography James Sharpe
  • Stylist Micheal Miller
  • Groomer Alice Howlett
  • Producer Shaughnessy McNamara
  • Editor Joseph Bullmore
  • Art Editor Joseph Sinclair Parker

Guardian Weekend Mag Cover 21/12/19

  • Photograph by Suki Dhanda
  • Assistant Holly Taylor
  • Photo Editors Suki Dhanada & Kate Edwards
  • Art Directors Maggie Murphy
  • Editor: Melissa Denes
  • Grooming Desmond Grundy & Terri Manduca




“Oui” wish you a Merry Christmas 🤓

“Oui” wish you a Merry Christmas!

Pardon the pun!

With 15-years experience working with leading photographers and some of the best names in the photo – industry; we work closely with each of our clients to understand their needs and work-flow, to deliver a tailored set-up and the best operator for the job.

The Oui Digi team wishes you a lovely Christmas and look forward to being of service in the New Year.

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Instagram: https://lnkd.in/dma6vib

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