Happy Endings Ice Cream // Katie Wilson

Photograph by Katie Wilson

Company: Happy Ending Ice Cream

Assistant Holly Taylor

Art DIrection: Katie Wilson

On the floor, at Happy Endings Ice Cream

Founded in 2014 by YBF Baking Award Winner Terri Mercieca, Happy Endings has turned the London dessert scene on its head. Their ice cream sandwiches and soft-serve combine modern and traditional techniques to create desserts that are bold in flavour, temper sweetness with savoury and balance textures.

One of my favourite shoots to date with a beautiful vintage ring flash. Katie has a way of making every job fun. Her skills are solid and her preperation for each shoot is impressive. Before each job I meet her at her house and we prep her kit, she gets out her notebook and I see drawings, notes, numbers lists. You can tell she enjoys her clients, getting to know them and after speaking to them she transcends this conversation into a creative vision. When I tell you the ring flash was vintage, it practically boomed with a cloud of dust when she took the first shot. Hand holding it around her lens on the floor Happy Endings kitchen in East London I was mesmerized by the effect it gave, having never worked with one before. “Frikin insane”, I thought, this is awesome. The primary colours, the texture that came out on the paper, the simplicity of composition complimented the sandwich series perfectly. How she does it each time amazes me, and the coolest thing of all is she makes it look simple.

Katie Wilson with Happy Endings

I have alot to thank her for. I haven’t yet reached where I want to be in my career and she’s been one of the few people who have sat me down, reviewed my portfolio and encouraged me to create more. She openly told me to celebrate and interpret the work of Photographers I like and respect the style that births from it. Even offered use of her lights and home for when I want to organize a shoot. She has such a story to tell and one day I hope she writes a book of her Life and Loves because it will truly inspire.

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