Jenny Hands // British Hair Awards 2018 Sally Brooks

Article / Jenny Hands / Sally Brooks

One of my first shoots assisting and it was for one of the most high profile photographers I have worked with yet. Photographer and Director Jenny Hands is inspired by the magic she sees in everyone. Capturing the beauty from all sides of life from joy to sadness and all emotions in between. This universal language of soul and connection is her aesthetic.

Sally Brooks is a nominee for HJ’s British Hairdresser of the Year at the British Hairdressing Awards 2018, sponsored by Schwarzkopf Professional.

Coming straight out of Studio Assisting at Loft Studios, West London. I was given the chance to assist alongside friend and colleague James Whitty. It was from this shoot I went on to learn so much about proper form and etiquette on set. A skill that is invaluable in any role. It’s best to stay calm, not to get too distracted or overwhelmed. Take a moment to breathe and hold your set firmly. The Photographer will be busy focussing on the creative, on her composition and communications with the clients and stylist. Everything else is you.

Hawassa Nights I. As the night draws in, the skaters find lit streets for the days last skating. If possible JImi helps feed those who are hungry and homeless at least one meal a day. © James Whitty

James told me so many stories of the experiences he’s had on set, they were very eye-opening to the profile of a Photographers Assistant. My main lesson: Every photographer will require something different from you. Each is unique and it’s in knowing them and their ways of working that will get you far, sounds simple, but when put into practice its a test of empathy, professionalism and skill at the same time. He, is an artist also, a true rebel and this reflects in his adventurous work in Hawassa, Ethiopia seen above.

Photographs by Jenny Hands

Assistants Holly Taylor and James Whitty

Hair: Sally Brooks at Brooks & Brooks, London

Makeup: Lan Nguyen-Grealis

Styling: Ann Shore

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