Suki Dhanda // Observer Review // Lazy Susan

Comedy sketch duo Celeste Dring and Freya Parker, AKA Lazy Susan featured in The Observer Review 2020 rising stars. Interview by Michael Hogan.

You’d better make damn sure as an Assistant that you’re fit and healthy. This applies for any role you undertake however in this one particularly, don’t doubt you’re going to be put in situations which will test your strength and trust in your team. On this day, I was hand holding a reasonably heavy light over the heads of the talent throughout Suki’s shoot. Our stands and grips weren’t suitable enough to hold it at the desired angle. I’m not saying I wasn’t able to do it, I had the muscle, just not gloves! My hands kept slipping on the pole and constantly needed readjusting. Note to self: buy grip gloves.

Photographer: Suki Dhanda

Assistant: Holly Taylor

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