Hello / Oi / Salut / ¿Qué tal? / Privet/ Ciao/ Hallo / Hai / Cześć, Witaj / Yō / Nǐ hǎo

Whether you’ve arrived here through my social media platforms, we met face to face or searched interesting google terms to arrive HERE (very interesting). I hope you get an insight into the commercial photography world and the work I do as an Assistant Photographer. At the end of each shoot, we hand over the highest standard of imagery using the latest technologies such as Capture One 20, Profoto and Hasselblad as well as other equipment and software which help us deliver the widest variety of photographic work to our clients.

Clients include Photographers: Suki Dhanda, Simon Lipman, Jenny Hands, Roger Keller for clients like The Guardian, The Observer Review, The Gentlemens Journal and The British Hair Awards

In each post, you’ll see projects I’ve worked on with various photographers in the industry. Spanning from still life to photojournalism. As an assistant with the aim of building a professional body of work myself, it’s important to me to have a wide knowledge of how photographers work and deal with various issues I expect to face in the future. 

Feel free to contact us for:

Assistant hire, capabilities and budget.

  • Recommendations for collaborations, eg. Stylists, makeup artists, producers as well as Photographers and videographers.
  • Recommendations for equipment and where to get them,
  • More on our service and the support you require for creative projects
  • And or just to talk about the industry because I know it can be a lonely place out there in the freelance world.

Speak soon,

Holly x

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