Hello / Oi / Salut / ¿Qué tal? / Privet/ Ciao/ Hallo / Hai / Cześć, Witaj / Yō / Nǐ hǎo

Whether you’ve arrived here through my social media platforms, we met face to face or searched interesting google terms to arrive HERE (very interesting). I hope you get an insight into the commercial photography world and the work I do as an Assistant Photographer. At the end of each shoot, we hand over the highestContinue reading “Hello / Oi / Salut / ¿Qué tal? / Privet/ Ciao/ Hallo / Hai / Cześć, Witaj / Yō / Nǐ hǎo”

Suki Dhanda // Observer Review // Lazy Susan

Comedy sketch duo Celeste Dring and Freya Parker, AKA Lazy Susan featured in The Observer Review 2020 rising stars. Interview by Michael Hogan. You’d better make damn sure as an Assistant to Photographers that you’re fit and healthy. This applies for all roles you undertake however in this one particularly, don’t doubt you’re going toContinue reading “Suki Dhanda // Observer Review // Lazy Susan”

Happy Endings Ice Cream // Katie Wilson

Photograph by Katie Wilson Company: Happy Ending Ice Cream Assistant Holly Taylor Art DIrection: Katie Wilson Founded in 2014 by YBF Baking Award Winner Terri Mercieca, Happy Endings has turned the London dessert scene on its head. Their ice cream sandwiches and soft-serve combine modern and traditional techniques to create desserts that are bold inContinue reading “Happy Endings Ice Cream // Katie Wilson”

Robert Taylor // Holly Taylor

One of the first photographic projects I wanted to do with my newly repaired Pentax 6×7 was one of my family. My brother is a typical guy, a Type 1 diabetic and a personal expert on nutrition. He stands here wearing only his pyjamas bottoms in his flat which he shares with his girlfriend Rachael.Continue reading “Robert Taylor // Holly Taylor”

Waitrose Mag // Ian Oliver Walsh// Naomi Lowe

Photograph by Ian Oliver Walsh Assistant Holly Taylor Art DIrection Naomi Lowe Ian is a London based photographer specialising in still life, product and cosmetic photography. His creative and unique style has earned him worldwide commissions from an array of luxury brands and publications for over 10 years. Ian’s expertise behind the camera is paired withContinue reading “Waitrose Mag // Ian Oliver Walsh// Naomi Lowe”

Simon Lipman // Damson Idris // The Gentleman’s Journal

Damn son: Damson Idris is on course for world domination Damson Idris has already taken America by storm. Next stop: the world. Photograph by Simon Lipman Film Operator & Assistant Holly Taylor Director of Photography James Sharpe Stylist Micheal Miller Groomer Alice Howlett Producer Shaughnessy McNamara Editor Joe Bullmore Art Editor Joseph Sinclair Parker “DamsonContinue reading “Simon Lipman // Damson Idris // The Gentleman’s Journal”

Guardian Weekend Mag Cover 21/12/19

Photograph by Suki Dhanda Assistant Holly Taylor Photo Editors Suki Dhanda & Kate Edwards Art Director: Maggie Murphy Editor: Melissa Denes Grooming Desmond Grundy & Terri Manduca

“Oui” wish you a Merry Christmas 🤓

“Oui” wish you a Merry Christmas! Pardon the pun! With 15-years experience working with leading photographers and some of the best names in the photo – industry; we work closely with each of our clients to understand their needs and work-flow, to deliver a tailored set-up and the best operator for the job. The OuiContinue reading ““Oui” wish you a Merry Christmas 🤓”